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Iridology is an analysis of the iris to help determine what is balanced and unbalanced in the body.

"The iris is the mirror of the body"

Human Iridology dates back to 1893 when a Hungarian physician first published his idea that the iris is a map for the rest of the body, including the organ systems. Dr. Bernard Jensen is often referred to as the ‘Father of Iridology’ because of his over 60 years of research into this science. He has developed an in depth iris chart and has written many books on iridology, food and health, including, ‘The Science and Practice of Iridology’ in 1952, and ‘The Chemistry of Man’ in 1983, for which he was awarded a Ph.D. in biochemistry.

What can Iridology tell us?

  • Bowel conditions such as spasms, strictures, diverticulae, diverticulosis, ballooning, prolapse…
  • Stressed (overactive) or weakened (underactive) organs/glands/body systems
  • Inflammation and its location and level (acute, subacute, chronic, degenerative)
  • Low levels of calcium, B vitamins, iron, oxygen, iodine
  • The host ground for fungus, virus, bacteria, yeast (Candida)
  • Emotional, physical and environmental stresses
  • Chemical and medication toxicity
  • Vascular plaque build-up
  • Inherited health tendencies
  • The condition of the nervous system
  • Injuries that have created a weakness
  • Sinus congestion
  • The body's ability and inability to deal with personal health concerns
  • Current overall health level
  • And much more

What Iridology CANNOT tell us.

  • Diagnosis of a disease (ex. Cancer)
  • Kidney stone, gall bladder stones
  • Pregnancy

Canine/Feline/Equine Iridology has been researched at the Animal Iridology Centre (Through the Eye International) since 1977 by Mercedes Colburn PhD, N.D. Their mission statement:

  • Training institute devoted to Animal Iridology technology
  • Continue in the research & development, and for the advancement of all animal iridology technology
  • To evangelize and promote animal iridology technology

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